As we continue to roll out the new Light Green Machine Institute website, found at, you will notice a few changes taking place.
First, there is a new participation structure. There are four levels to this structure:
Basic Free
Supporter $25/year
Contributor $75/year*
Corporate $400/year**
Supporter receives the basic site access plus archived newsletters.
Contributor has access to the entire site plus may join Task Groups, download Design Practices and other Resources
Corporate is a Contributor in a Corporate name.
The Light Green Machine Institute is a registered 501c3 corporation so all tax advantages applicable to you for joining a charitable organization in the United States applies.
As we reconstitute, we are looking for new leadership. If you would like to be a board member, please email me at and we can discuss. Likewise, if you would like to serve as a member or leader of a task group.
We have three identified Task Groups at the moment, but always welcome more:
Non-cast iron dryer cans and Yankees
Auto Identification Tag System
Mill Dimension Optimization Problem
Again, here as we get restarted, if you are interested in joining or leading any of these, please email me at
We hope you will participate in the new Light Green Machine Institute and make it your own. We welcome you.

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