We have some changes coming to the Light Green Machine Institute.
But first, a little history.  The Light Green Machine Institute as been around since 2009.  The premise of this organization is that the constructed weight of paper machines (and pulp mills and…) has gotten out of control over the years.  We just keep adding and adding materials to this.
In the early days, we look at dryer cans, an obvious target for weight reduction.  Making a pressure vessel out of cast iron in this day and age is an amazingly poor decision, yet it continues.
We have looked at other areas, too.  Most recently, we have a project under way to determine the optimum width of a paper machine.  This study continues.
In 2015, we created a separate entity, the Light Green Machine Institute, a Delaware 501c3 corporation to be the corporate home for the Institute.
Within the next month, you will see a new website.  It will be different than the one you experience now when you go to https://www.lightgreenmachine.institute.
This new website will be the center of focus for taking the Light Green Machine Institute forward.  It should be launched later this week.
We’ll talk about it more next month.

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