I wanted to spend our time this month in further discussions about the vision of the Light Green Machine Institute.
But first, let’s go back a bit. The Light Green Machine Institute was conceived along about 2009. Often it has been a part time solo effort by yours truly. That is not to say there haven’t been many people who have helped out along the way, and some in a very significant manner, but we have not yet attracted a permanent, dedicated cadre.
Our new website is an attempt to establish an anchor that we can circle around and put down roots. This is where you come in. We need your ideas, your time commitment, and a small amount of dues from you.
Consider this. Many such organizations are old and well established. On one hand that is great–tradition, expected policies and procedures and so forth. On the other had, such organizations tend to become hidebound and exclusive.
Here is a place where you can participate, regardless of experience, regardless of stature in the pulp and paper industry. All we ask for is enthusiasm, a bit of your time, and, it goes without saying, your honest wishes to see the organization (and its ideas for the pulp and paper industry) flourish.
Won’t you join us? Send me an email with LGMI in the subject line and we can discuss.

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