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The Light Green Machine Institute (LGMI) is a 501(c)3 educational organization as defined by the United States IRS. The LGMI’s Federal Tax Identification Number is 47-2704575. The LGMI is a registered institution in the State of Delaware.

Various participation opportunities are available based upon your membership level. As a member, your participation is actively solicited commensurate with your level of membership and expertise. The LGMI’s area of educational focus is basic pulp and paper making, from either virgin or recycled cellulosic fiber.

Publications produced by committees and tasks forces of the LGMI are the works of the participants. The LGMI does not warrant or assume liability for any such works.

The LGMI operates under the anti-trust laws of the United States and other appropriate governmental bodies. Members meeting or corresponding under the auspices of the LGMI shall not set prices, discuss prices, or pass judgement on any items or services provided by anyone anywhere as these may relate to any aspects of the pulp and paper industry. The LGMI’s focus is the pulp and paper industry and it, its officers and its members claim no special expertise on any subject beyond those pertaining to basic pulp and paper manufacturing.


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