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Reducing papermachine weight by 1/2 by 2025

For those interested in freely providing and discussing ideas to reduce the weight of installed papermachines (any grade) by 50% by 2025.

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Steve Roush posted a discussion

Applications in Use, I--Steel Dryer Cans

We are going to start a new subject this week.  Over the past five years, we have proposed more than 160 ideas to reduce weight and/or improve performance of paper machines and pulp mills. Now, we are going to start identifying suppliers and known applications where these have been implemented, with or without our inspiration. This week, we highlight steel dryer cans. Check out the latest LGMI Weekly…See More
2 hours ago
Steve Roush posted a discussion
Aug 13
Steve Roush posted a discussion

Technology 8: Electrostatic Forming?

We keep thinking someone must have tried this, but if they have we are not aware of it.  If any of you readers know of any research in this area, please let us know. What is "this"?  Putting a charge on the stock in the headbox and using this charge to drive drainage. The latest LGMI Weekly.See More
Aug 6
Steve Roush posted a discussion

If one goes back to the late 1950s, early 1960s, automobiles and paper machines were made of nearly the same thing: lots of steel

However, starting in the late 1960s, early 1970s, these paths diverged.  Automobiles went to plastics and other materials, such as aluminum.  Paper machines stayed with steel, but moved to a larger percentage of stainless steel. Check out the latest LGMI Weekly.See More
Jul 30
Steve Roush posted a discussion
Jul 23
Steve Roush posted a discussion

So, why not paperboard for dryer hood skins?

It always struck me (Jim Thompson) that machine tools are made of steel, yet machine tools are used to shape steel.  Hence, if we are making paper, what parts of our machine can be made of the product it produces? Dryer hoods come to mind. Check out the latest LGMI Weekly.See More
Jul 9
Steve Roush posted a discussion

Materials 5: Plastic Headboxes

Why not? A plastic headbox, or at least a headbox with a significant portion of it made of plastic, would be lightweight, inexpensive and disposable.Just click on this link to read more!!!See More
Jul 2
Steve Roush replied to Steve Roush's discussion We want your input
"This week, we are focusing on the third of the three blocks for the conference.   The third grouping of conference topics is    Stage 3: Implementation-introduction of new products to the industry   So that we can gather…"
Jun 25
Steve Roush posted a discussion

We want your input

We want your input forthe5th Light Green Machine Conference26 - 28 October 2014Miami University Oxford, Ohio This week, we are focusing on the first and second of the three blocks for the conference. The first grouping of conference topics is  Stage 1: Vision--what is needed and proposed for the industry. So that we can gather appropriate speakers, we would like for you to take a few minutes and give us your thoughts on Stage 1: 1. What do you think the industry needs that it currently is…See More
Jun 18
Jim Thompson posted a discussion

On Pulp & Paper Radio International this week...

At 7 am US EDT—Plum Creek, Georgia-Pacific, International Paper, Cascades, RockTenn, Appvion, UPM, Weyerhaeuser, and more! www.pnpri.comSee More
Jun 16
Chris Bennett is now a member of Light Green Machine (R) Institute
Jun 14
Steve Roush posted a discussion

Call for papers

5th Annual Light Green Machine Conferenceon the campus of Miami UniversityOxford, OhioOctober 26 - 28, 2014Theme: Daring vs. PracticalFor more, click on this linkSee More
Jun 10
Jim Thompson posted discussions
Jun 2
Steve Roush posted a discussion

Pump bases are designed to mount a discrete pump and a discrete motor in situ. Why do we do it this way? Because we always have.

Perhaps a better way would be to have a top base upon which, in the maintenance shop, one could pre-mount and pre-align the motor. In fact, this could get a bit fancy. For more, check out the latest LGMI WeeklySee More
May 28
Jim Thompson posted a discussion

Today, from Golden, Colorado, Pulp and Paper Radio International...

At 7 am US EDT—Sonoco, Georgia-Pacific, Resolute, International Paper, Weyerhaeuser, Fortress, RockTenn, Stora Enso and more! www.pnpri.comSee More
May 26
Steve Roush posted a discussion

Today, we have MRFs to sort materials before they get to the mill. But what if we could get even better sorting by incentivizing household waste generators to sort very cleanly themselves?

Recycled mills would likely pay more for cleaner waste streams. After all, they can see the result in their yields.  It is easily measurable. To read more,just click this link!See More
May 21




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