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Reducing papermachine weight by 1/2 by 2025

For those interested in freely providing and discussing ideas to reduce the weight of installed papermachines (any grade) by 50% by 2025.

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Steve Roush posted a discussion

LGMI Weekly 20 May 15: Steps towards your own Light Green Machine

You may think we are always talking about new machine installations here at the Light Green Machine Institute. We are not. We are talking about your machine, your pulp mill, or whatever operations you are in charge of today.For more, click here.See More
Steve Roush posted a discussion

Light Green Machine Institute Weekly 13 May 15: Applications 19: Controlling and Measuring Quality

It has always puzzled me--the location of the paper machine gauge. It is at the dry end, often after the calender stack. I once worked on a machine that had three gauges, but that is another story--most just have one. This has troubled me for a long time--the location of the gauge. For more, click here.See More
May 13
Steve Roush posted a discussion

6 May 15: Applications 18: Segregation, part 2

It occurred to me since last week's column that there is another way to achieve the same idea (separating the atmosphere of the machine motors from the atmosphere of the machine) in a way that may be superior. That way is this...For more, click here!!!See More
May 6
Curtis Gifford posted a discussion
Apr 30
Steve Roush posted a discussion

LGMI Weekly 29 Apr 15: Applications 17: Segregation

Not sure this is lighter, but it probably could be.  Nevertheless, it sure makes a lot of sense. The idea is this: Treat the drive side of the dryer hood as the back wall of the paper machine hall.  In fact, if you are building a new machine, definitely treat it as the back side of the machine hall.Click here to read this week's LGMI Weekly.See More
Apr 29
Steve Roush posted a discussion

Applications 16: Chop Broke?

Forever and a day, or at least since the Fourdrinier Brothers came on the scene, conventional wisdom has been that we need broke pulpers under the machine at various locations, to collect the sheet when we are threading up or experiencing less than stellar conditions (read: sheet not getting to the reel).  If you think about it, this requires a tremendous amount of equipment, water and pumping energy. What if we could develop a new dry-broke chopper that could chop up the whole sheet and blow…See More
Apr 23
Steve Roush posted a discussion

Applications 15: The Distribution of Electrical and Control Systems

This note will annoy the heck out of some of my electrical friends, but it's something that needs to be said about MCC rooms and DCS rack rooms. The gist of this article is, are these rooms really necessary?For more, click here.See More
Apr 16
Steve Roush posted a discussion

8 Apr 15: Applications 14: The Magnetic Press

The concept is simple in that a magnetic field is introduced in one press roll to attract the opposing roll thereby forming a press nip. In previous attempts, the field was huge to pull two large masses (cast press shells) together and the consequential power consumption figures were substantial. For more, click this link.See More
Apr 8
Derek Zipprich is now a member of Light Green Machine (R) Institute
Apr 3
Steve Roush posted a discussion

1 Apr 15: Materials 10: Plastic ropes

The real question is this: at the dryers at section breaks, should we be lining the rope groove on the dryer with teflon or some other materials so the ropes can slide, in the case of a stopped section (happens often) or sections running at different speeds (happens all the time)?  For more, click hereSee More
Apr 1
Curtis Gifford posted a discussion
Mar 31
Steve Roush posted a discussion

25 March 15: Materials 9: Where else can we use plastics?

LGMI has been talking about plastic pipe for nearly six years.  Last year, we suggested plastic headboxes.  Already, plastics are used in doctor blades, table foil blades and fabrics. Some of these applications have been more successful than others. For more, click this link!See More
Mar 25
Steve Roush posted a discussion

18 March 15: Applications and Use 13: Platforms and Ladders

After listening to the Safety Show '15, I have come to the conclusion we install way too many platforms and ladders in the modern mill. Think about it.  At one time, we needed platforms and ladders to see what was going on in the process.  Today, with sensors and cameras, those precarious high elevation trips are only needed for maintenance.  And…See More
Mar 18
Steve Roush posted a discussion

11 March 15: Safety Stand-down

On 17 March 15, Pulp & Paper Radio International will debut a program six months in the making, "The Safety Show '15." You will find from this program how poor the industry's safety record really is. Can the Light Green Machine Institute's principles help improve this record? Absolutely--for any piece of equipment that does not exist cannot be a source of injury (think of all the discussion we have had on installed spares). Further, any piece of equipment that can be made lighter in weight…See More
Mar 12
Steve Roush posted a discussion

LGMI Weekly 4 Mar 15: Applications in Use 12: Information is Cheap

Last week, I said we were going to finish up the current series on installed spares.  As the politicians say today, "I misspoke."  In our straightforward language, that means I lied--I am no politician.I got to thinking about some of the practices I have seen over the years which keep bringing me back to this topic.For, click here.See More
Mar 4
Dave Lange is now a member of Light Green Machine (R) Institute
Feb 27




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