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Reducing papermachine weight by 1/2 by 2025

For those interested in freely providing and discussing ideas to reduce the weight of installed papermachines (any grade) by 50% by 2025.

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Steve Roush posted a discussion

19 Nov 14: Does Mass equal Security?

Right now, I would like your opinion and answer to a simple question:  In your mind, in a pulp or paper mill, does mass equal security? Click this link to check out this week's LGMI Weekly and let us know what you think.See More
Steve Roush posted a discussion

LGMI Weekly 12 Nov 14: Dynamic Weight

I mentioned last week that there were many things to think about coming out of the 5th Annual Light Green Machine Institute Conference. Dr. Steven Keller, of Miami University, in his talk on headboxes, came up with a thought that was a stunner for me.For more, click here.See More
Nov 12
Steve Roush posted a discussion

LGMI Weekly 5 Nov 14: A lot to think about

Coming out of last week's LGMI Conference, my (Jim's) head is spinning.  I thought we were approaching at least an asymptotic plateau to our our current efforts, but our speakers left me speechless. From stock prep to headbox to liquor loops and beyond, there are so many good ideas out there, it is hard to know where to start. For more, click here.See More
Nov 5
Steve Roush posted a discussion

LGMI Weekly 29 Oct 14: Already done

 Click here to read this week's LGMI Weekly.See More
Oct 31
Steve Roush posted a discussion

LGMI Weekly 22 Oct 14: A pause for an inspiration

 Why can't we "print" concrete foundations, walls and other such structures we need?  Why can't industry build us a "3-D" printer that moves through a construction site and prints concrete?  The "gunite" process has essentially been the early generation of this for years.3-D printed concrete eliminates forms.  This is a huge savings.  We could also print small structures, such a pump…See More
Oct 22
Steve Roush posted a discussion

15 Oct 14: Applications in Use, VII--It adds up

Some of the most insidious and pervasive cases of over-designed installations are those that are a compounding of safety factors. For more, click here!See More
Oct 15
Steve Roush posted a discussion
Oct 8
Steve Roush posted a discussion
Oct 2
Steve Roush posted a discussion
Sep 24
Jim Thompson posted an event

The Light Green Machine Institute 5th Annual Conference at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

October 26, 2014 at 6pm to October 28, 2014 at 5pm
Learn—how to use your industrial database to find root causes for process events and upsets—a very practical and quick to apply set of techniques that can cut costs rapidly.  (Markku Mustonen, Conmark Systems)Learn—the impact of the Liquor Cycle on Pulp Manufacture.  Hear case stories of actual mill experiences. This is a full half day workshop. (Mike Ryan, Process Labs)Learn—how mills are eliminating surge storage in stock prep through the application of modern control techniques.  This has…See More
Sep 22
Joe Gotshall is now a member of Light Green Machine (R) Institute
Sep 22
Steve Roush posted a discussion

17 Sept 14: Applications in Use, IV--Planetary Gear Boxes

Let's review the primary reasons we originally proposed using planetary gear boxes. Click here to read the LGMI Weekly.See More
Sep 17
Steve Roush posted a discussion
Sep 10
Steve Roush posted a discussion

3 Sept 14: Applications in Use, II--PVC and CPVC Piping

We found a report, admittedly a bit dated, on the use of PVC (and CPVC) not only as piping components, but also in other applications.  One of the striking bits of information is found on page 9 of this report: "PVC has captured an 80% share of the buried pressure water pipe market in diameters greater than 100 millimeters."  It is worth reading the entire report, especially if you are still using steel or stainless steel pipe in applications where CPVC or PVC has proven itself. Check out the…See More
Sep 3
Steve Roush posted a discussion

27 Aug 14: Applications in Use, IA--Even More on Steel Dryer Cans

Bringing up the old topic of steel dryer cans last week brought out some comments, so we thought we would continue with this a bit longer Click here to read the latest LGMI Weekly.See More
Aug 27
Steve Roush posted a discussion

Applications in Use, I--Steel Dryer Cans

We are going to start a new subject this week.  Over the past five years, we have proposed more than 160 ideas to reduce weight and/or improve performance of paper machines and pulp mills. Now, we are going to start identifying suppliers and known applications where these have been implemented, with or without our inspiration. This week, we highlight steel dryer cans. Check out the latest LGMI Weekly…See More
Aug 21




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